I often ask myself and those who are close to me, what on earth makes you think that cow’s milk is good for you? You don’t breastfeed your own baby for the rest of your life, so why switch to cow milk afterwards? Right, because the USDA tells us so. We ought to drink 3 cups(!) a day! The main reason would be the calcium that we need, for our bones and teeth to grow nice and strong. So, how does the cow keep her bones nice and strong? Plants!!! Yep, the cow eats plants and does not drink any of her own or her friend’s milk.

Calcium In order to absorb calcium, you need a good amount of magnesium. The cow gets a great amount of magnesium by eating plants. Cow Milk however does not contain a great amount of magnesium, which would make the whole calcium content quite useless. In short, we don’t need to drink milk in order to receive ¬†calcium.

Protein 87% of milk is water. 80% of the protein in milk is casein. Casein is a powerful allergen. It creates lots of mucus. Apart from that, casein is a really powerful binder. You can use it as a glue!

Bacteria Cow Milk is allowed to have feces in it. This is a major source for bacteria. Leave milk for 20 minutes on the table and the bacteria have doubled!!

Vitamin D There is milk with added vitamin D-3 in it….great, right? Not so, if you know where it comes from. Vitamin D-3 is mostly extracted from the skin of mammals and purified. It can come from 4 different sources: Pig skin, sheep skin, raw fish liver and pigs brains. Nice, huh?

Cholesterol The content of cholesterol in milk is equal to 53 slices of bacon. Seems a bit too much to me.

Hormones A normal cow would, like any mammal, only produce milk as long as its calf needs it. So of course, to make a cow produce milk her whole life, doesn’t come naturally. They give her hormones and those hormones are still existing in the milk, the milk the USDA wants us to drink.

So why does the USDA tell us to drink milk at all? Because it’s BIG business!! With sales over $11 billion for milk and $16 billion for cheese annually in the USA alone! There are over 80.000 dairy producers in America, so what will happen when people realize the truth about dairy? That would be good for another economic crisis.